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ADU Ordinance

ADUsĀ have quite a number of names like backyard cottage, granny flats, in-law units and secondary units among others. These have proved to be effective housing solutions and the San Jose ADU ordinance supports this. They are affordable to construct and since the ownership is the same as that of the primary house, you will not need new infrastructure. This can serve as an excellent living space for friends and relatives. In addition, it can also be a great source of income for homeowners. We are professional ADU builders San JoseĀ  and we will make it affordable to own an accessory dwelling unit.

There is great flexibility that comes with the independent living area, known as ADUs. If you have elderly parents and would not want to take them to an assisted facility, having an in-law apartment can be a perfect solution. There some requirements that came into existence in January 1, 2019. Homeowners who had already constructed ADU must ensure that they are compliant with the regulations. There are local officials that inspect ADUs to ensure that they are up to standards. If you need to build an ADU or renovate it to meet the standard, we are the team of experts to help you with this.

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Changes to ADU Building Laws

The government has come to appreciate that the ADUs are an ideal solution to the housing crisis in San Jose. With a clear understanding of the ordinance, it becomes easier to have a granny unit that serves the purpose. There are some changes that were introduced into the law, which seek to make the process of building ADUs easier. There are a number of experts and ADU builders who have rubbished the revised ordinance, indicating that it makes it more complicated to build your ADU. However, if you are looking for contractors that are compliant and understand the regulations and building codes, you can count on us.

The refined draft has some great improvements and essentially seeks to help homeowners in creating housing solutions. The ADUs do not need to be on big lots of land and this is one of the ways through which the costs are cut down. There are some historic districts as well, which have been opened up for the putting up of accessory dwelling units. With the provisions of the ordinance, most homeowners are motivated to build the in-law units on their property. There are certain restrictions that may make it difficult to put up your ADU. However, this is meant to regulate the standard in this industry. This is the only way that the citizens will be assured of quality housing units that are up to the safety standards.

Talk to Us

For an ordinary homeowner, understanding the San Jose ADU ordinance may be a tall order. As such, you do not need to struggle with that. If you want to build an accessory dwelling unit, talk to us. We will build a backyard cottage that is up to standard and in full compliance with the ordinance.