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Our mission is to provide the most convenient and innovative accessory dwelling units on the market. We always strive to be the best ADU builders Bay Area. Every client that has come our way is wowed by our expertise and workmanship. We always work hard to perfect our work and ensure that the ADUs are built in the best way possible. The ADUs have become popular in recent years as they have been approved as fully-functional houses. These are not the same as mobile homes or the condos, in that they are owned by the owners of the main house.

We have worked with a number of clients who were looking for ways to provide housing solutions to the aging relatives, visiting friends or even tenants who wished to rent out the house. The law requires that the ADUs have a separate entrance and all the amenities that are needed in a basic housing unit. We have been serving our clients and there are different types of granny units that we offer:

  • Detached structures
  • Attached external units
  • Attached internal units
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Detached Structures

This is the type of the accessory dwelling unit that most people are aware of. The structure is independent and at a safe distance from the main house. This is preferred by those who would wish to rent out such units. You will get total privacy and the primary homeowner is not disrupted in any way. Due to their nature, these are pricier than the other types as they will need their own utilities as well.

Attached External Units

In this case, you will have a unit that is sharing a wall with the primary house. In most cases, they are made from garage conversions. They will have a separate entrance and do not share the utility hookups as well. For anyone who is looking for a cost-effective ADU and good San Jose ADU Design, this is the type that we would highly recommend.

Attached Internal Units

The attached internal units are literally within the primary house and guests may not even notice that there is an in-law unit. These are made in the basements and attics and may not have a separate entrance. These are known to be the most cost-effective but offer the least privacy. These may be convenient for housing relatives like aging parents and growing adults. They are not appealing to tenants.

ADU builders Bay Area

Professional ADU Builders San Jose

We are your best bet when it comes to ADU builders San Jose and Bay Area. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to carry out the work. We never compromise on the quality of the work that we deliver as we only use the best materials. We will pay attention to every detail and all our workers will work together to ensure that your project is completed on time and within the budget. If you are considering building an ADU, give us a call and let us discuss all the possible options that are available for you. Contact us today and get a free quote.